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Too Rural? No Such Thing!

We’ve been hearing quite a lot from brides recently who are worried the location they’ve got their heart set on will be just too rural to make it look the way they’ve dreamed it.

The good news is that this is most definitely not the case!

Festoon lighting is hugely popular at the moment and it’s also incredibly versatile; giving you the perfect atmospheric lighting wherever you need it. Our warm white festoon lights come on either white or black cable to best blend into your surroundings and, if you choose the battery option, can be connected easily to a 12v car or leisure battery with no mains connection required. Proving that even in beautiful spots as remote as this, you can still create the perfect romantic atmosphere.

With 7 metres of cabling between the battery and the first bulb, you can make sure the lights are positioned exactly where you need them. Car batteries give hours of lighting so your chosen location will stay picture-perfect well into the night; and with the lights designed to withstand the Great British conditions, a little adverse weather isn’t going to affect your light display – although obviously we have our fingers crossed for a beautiful day!

Using battery operated lights is a safe and energy efficient way to get the look you’re after, and you don’t need to only stick to festoons either! Outdoor battery-operated fairy lights are available in green, clear or black cable to add some extra sparkle wherever you need it. We love them brightening up these bay trees at the entrance of the venue:

All our battery operated lights are available to buy now, and our festoons can also be hired for your big day. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any questions regarding how best to use our lights to create your ideal look for weddings, parties or corporate events.

And happy planning!