How to make use of your fairy lights all year round

How to make use of fairy lights all year round

The decorating possibilities with fairy lights are practically endless. These lights provide a soft glow or brighten up the atmosphere, throwing just the right amount of twinkle to highlight a portion of the garden or one corner of a room. Affordable and easy to use, fairy lights may be the answer to all your indoor and outdoor decorating needs all year round.

Fairy Lights in your bedroom

To add a little special lighting to your bedroom, attach fairy lights to the headboard of your bed. You can make a fairy light strand as long or as short as you wish by connecting several of them together.


A really easy way to create some serious sparkle is to hang a 3m x 2m net lights across the wall behind your bed. This works especially well in bedrooms without any distinguishing features. Headboard fairy net lights can add a lovely glow to the whole room, highlighting the best featured of the bed.


Fairy Lights in your living room

If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home you can create a warm toasty glow with draped fairy lights. We'd recommend these warm white fairy lights piled into the fireplace or draped around the mantlepiece.


Consider placing a large vase filled with floral foam in a corner of your living room or bedroom. You can stick artificial tree branches into the foam and then wrap one or more strands of lights around the branches. This arrangement highlights a special corner of one room.


Fairy Lights in your garden

Make the most of the evenings in your garden with the creative use of outdoor fairy lights, Whether you want to set the scene for an intimate evening, light the way for your guests or create a sparkly silhouette in the night sky, we have all your lighting needs sorted.

Wrap our outdoor fairy lights around tree trunks in your garden. They'll look fabulous and light up the whole area around them. You can go even further and take them up into the branches for a canopy of twinkling lights.


Turn a small patio or balcony space into a cosy, intimate living space with just a few battery fairy lights.


For something a bit more subtle, hide the lights in some shrubs or hedges in your garden.