Clever curtain light ideas

Indoor Curtain Lights 


Curtain lights are a dramatic way to add backdrops for your event, wedding or party. With a single plug easily light up a space up to 10m tall with these cascading walls of light.

Display these behind the top table at an evening or winter wedding or highlight the wall where the wedding ceremony takes place to make your vows even more special. 

These curtain lights look fantastic hung in garden rooms, conservatories or staircases to create some serious sparkle at home. They are versatile and create a lasting impression wherever they are draped.

Browse our range of Indoor Curtain Lights or wanting to create something spectacular outdoors we also sell heavy duty waterproof outdoor curtain lights.


Outdoor Curtain Lights


These curtain lights are extremely versatile and by far the most sparkling light we sell. They look stunning draped down the outside of your house for a party or at Christmas.