Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting is becoming more and more popular so make the most of your outdoor space with our selection of outdoor lights including fairy lights, festoon lights, curtain lights and battery lights.

Both attractive and functional, lighting up your outdoor space can be simple or much more attractive by highlighting features such as trees, arches, pergolas and patios.

Outdoor Fairy Lights

Our high quality waterproof Pro Series LED fairy lights are extremely high quality and can be left outside all year round.  Some of the most common ways to use these outside are:

  • Wound round the trunk of a tree
  • Create swags around your patio or outdoor space
  • Used to decorate marquees or barns to create the perfect wedding backdrop 

Outdoor Festoon Lights

Our festoon lights give off a diffused warm light that is perfect for lighting up courtyards, patios or alongside paths. They are simple golf ball sized LED globes that are cheap to run and are great for use all year round in your garden.

They offer a vintage feel - many brides adorn their venue with these gorgeous globes and look just as great indoors as they do outside.

Outdoor Garden Lights

These large filament bulbs look fantastic when used to accentuate your outdoor area. We recommend these bright, bold lights as they tend to offer you a really great visual impact.

Outdoor Battery Lights

If you don't have any outside power then our range of outdoor battery lights are just perfect. We offer a number of options dependent on what you are wanting to achieve. 

Who wants to go outdoors to put the fairy lights on every night, especially in winter? Us neither! That's why we designed our range of outdoor battery lights with a timer which means they are on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. Simple to operate and easy to install.