Wedding Lights to Buy or Hire


Do you have your dream wedding venue that needs just a little extra something to create a stunning spectacle for you and your guests? Are you exploring wedding lighting options to transform the look and feel of your ceremony or reception?

We have wide variety of wedding lighting available so will always have something that will enhance your venue and bring your vision to life.

Lighting is something that can make a huge impact on your wedding day and it doesn't necessarily have to be a huge cost. From fairy lights and festoon lights to curtain lights and net lights, paying a little attention to your lighting can add drama and ambience.  

You can use mood lighting to draw attention to your ornate venue or make a simple setting all the more special. The gentle glow in a space adds warmth and elegance, adding interest without pulling the focus. How many beautiful professional shots have you seen where those blurred twinkling lights help frame the photo? 

Whether it be a fairy light canopy, fairy light curtain, lit pathways for your guests or our vintage festoon lights, we always have something and can tailor packages to your specific needs.